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Lexington, Kentucky. A rich cultural heritage blended with the spice of modern cuisines. You might not realize how dynamic our culture until you see the variety of foods (and peoples) represented at Crave. From Uzbekistani and Korean foods to straight up classic Southern, you can explore the world right from your backdoor.

"I love that my kids will try a bunch of stuff at Crave they would never try at a restaurant!"
Mom from Danville, KY

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Crave Lexington is a food and music festival that features the best food trucks, restaurants, caterers and homecooks in the Commonwealth. Free admission, two days of live music, art and fun for everyone, a classic car show, Andover Construction Water Park and so much more.

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We like to eat things made from scratch and homegrown. With no chain foods or concessions, you know that food on your plate was made with love, and usually comes with a story or two!